Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Monday most everybody left and it felt like we had the beach to ourselves! A storm rolled in so we went east until we passed by it. We went to St. Andrew's nature reserve. The beach was pristine with white sugar sand. We drove around until we came to alligator lake and we actually saw an alligator! We were going to take a boat ride, but Grams thought it might be to hard. So, we drove over to Mexico beach. We found that really cool ice cream shop that we blogged from. Then we went to St. Joe beach. There they didn't allow any development on the ocean side of the road so Grams got to see lots of the ocean. We could have stopped and opened the door and Grams would have stepped almost directly onto the sand.

Then we went Cape San Blas. This was amazing. You could see the water on either side of you. We drove down to another nature reserve. There was camping sites available and we drove around to check everything out. The farther we drove into the cape the more it look tropical and almost like a jungle! We drove down to the beach and Karen and Kelly put on there swimwear and ran over to the beach. They said it was gorgeous. The water was crystal clear, calm and the was shallow enough to walk way out into the ocean.

By the time we got back it was pouring down rain! We went to a restaurant called Sharky’s. It was right next door to our hotel. It had live music and really good food. Nancy and Grams went to the hotel and Karen and Kelly played on the beach. Little fish kept nipping at their feet and legs. Kelly go out of the water and searched for sea shells. After cleaning up they went shopping! After a big day like that we all crashed.

This morning we got up at five o’clock am and got all packed up. We have a nine hour drive ahead of us. We are were all a little sad about leaving the ocean, but are all very excited to see the smoky mountains. The weather was perfect as we left. The air was warm, but not oppresive and there was a refreshing sea beeze. Before, we left we stopped and watched sunrise over the ocean. Now, we are on our long journey north.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You girls have been having a great time!! I am so happy that you all are able to do this trip together!! What a great family time!! Sandy

samson50 said...

YOU posted this so early. Wow. Thanks for letting me know where you are. I love going to the beach. Im glad your having so much fun! Yesterday we road bikes along lake Chapala and I was thinking of you all. Wanted to call but it was late. The mens retreat went so good! Have fun driving! Thats part of the adventure. Looking for new Walmarts to conquer. Tee Hee Love ya Carrie

Julie said...

I too love the beach. Would love to go there again. Sounds like you are having a great time.Great pictures.

Denise said...

I love the beach, I know you enjoyed it.

Linda A. said...

OOOO...I hope you were able to get good photos of sunrise from the beach! How cool that you had the beach to yourselves as everyone else went home Monday! Gotta love that!

I know exactly how sad you feel leaving the beach! Don't you just love the sound of water lapping up on the beach. (God's voice is as the sound of many waters! It is always so peaceful and calm!)

Enjoy the road trip to the Smokey's! You definately have to write about seeing the Vulcan's Bottom (the "b-word") if you go to Birmingham! HA! There's a TREMENDOUS Wal-Mart just south of Birmingham, too. Carrie would be proud!

Glo said...

Sounds like you girls are having a lot of fun. I would love to see the beach someday. I do know what the Smokie's look like and they are beautiful. Enjoy you time together. {{HUGS}} Glo