Saturday, September 1, 2007

To the beach...

Today we got up really early for Nancy and me, it was 5:00 a.m. Nancy was concerned about what we'd have for breakfast and would we go to McDonalds... We had breakfast at the hotel and she loved it. It was make it yourself Belgian waffles and eggs, biscuits and gravy.

Miss Arnold, Make sure your kids know that we drove from Memphis to Biloxi, Mississippi via Hattisburg, so that they can track our progress.

Thank you all for reading the post.

Carrie, my missionary daughter in Guadalajara, Mexico, asked for more details,

so ... here ya go, Carrie. I, Karen am updating you... We rented a Hyundai, Entourage, which Kelly calls a floating sofa... and it does float, it drives like a Buick... each of us have our own leather captains seat, which helps with Nancy... and the back seat stows down into the floor, so we have plenty of space for everything.

In your honor, we stopped and shopped at a Wal-mart in Richland, Mississippi... Mom was cute... she said..oh cool, I'm traveling like Carrie (for those of you reading this who don't know, Carrie loves to stop at Wal-mart and does so ... on her way to and from Mexico)

Then we had a custard in a waffle cone that was AWESOME... so we've decided that this is officially a TOUR OF SOUTHERN DESERTS!!!

Then we headed on down, south, until we ran out of road at the gulf... Mom was really cute...and so amazed by the enormity of it. She said she will never forget the first sight of it as we rounded the corner. We brought the camping chairs and took a couple with us as she walked down to the edge of the water... She is saving dipping her toes into it until we get to Destin, but she was blown away by it all.

Now we are at the hotel and they are all asleep... even though it's only seven... we're "napping" tonight, so we will be fresh tomorrow... I wonder when I'll get to nap??? Since they napped as well while I was driving down here... oh well, good thing I've never needed much sleep.. I'm just happy to not be in the van!!

Tomorrow we are thinking of driving over to New Orleans to pick up some French Donuts, or Beignets.. see the desert theme here? and then we'll drive back through the gulf to our hotel on the beach.

Linda, You should see the devastation down here, even after two years in parts it looks like it happened yesterday...Makes me glad I'm down here spending money into their economy.

When Kelly gets time, I'll ask her to post the picts of Mom at the beach for the first time and some of the "hurricane" photos.

Catch you all later! I'm going to try to go catch a few winks myself...



Denise said...

Thanks dear Karen for doing the driving, and the posting, bless you. said...

The Ocean was beyond what I had hoped for!! So beauitful!

While I sit on the edge of the beach, Carrie I used the cell phone and called you over at your friends house... I talked to one of Eva kids and told them to tell you I called from the beach!!!

How in the world do you do this traveling so far every year!! I have new respect for you!!

We are getting up early and driving over to New Orleans in the morning..... You cannot beleive the way every thing looks from Katrina... We saw what Shepard Smith talked aboout on the news! Miles and Miles of beach front property gone..... it breaks your heart...

We are having such a good time!!

Linda A. said...

Hi Gang! I am glad you are headed out of "Sin City" on this lovely Sunday! I love the picture of Carolyn at the Barbecue place. She is smiling and happy! So who has better barbecue: Memphis or Kansas City???

Tell Nancy I like her picture in front of Graceland too! She looks cute! If you get a chance to steal a stalk of cotton for me - I'd love one to show my class. I figure since you visited Soddom and Gomorrah, a little thing like stealing wouldn't be a big deal! HA!

If ya'll really want to experience Southern hospitality, you will have to have some 'Sweet Tea' while you're there. In Alabama, Milo's burger joint is known for their sweet tea.

Can't wait to hear what Carolyn thinks of the Gulf in Florida - the water and sand are even prettier there! Have fun and Kelly keep those photos coming!

Sofi & Jey said...

Hi everybody! It looks like you all are having fun! Jey and I are praying for you... We can't wait to see all the pictures!
Love you all very much!
Jey and Sofie

Glo said...

When I saw the sign for Tennessee,I wanted to be with you. Love that state. Miss you,but I'm glad to see your having a good time.......Waiting to see Beach wear.
Love and Prayers,

Linda said...

You girls are having too much fun!! I would love to go back to Graceland...was there is the 60's. And, the last time I was in New Orleans I hit a BIG jackpot at the casino!! woo hoo!! Be sure to stop by when you get home.