Friday, August 31, 2007

Walking in Memphis

Today we left for Memphis, TN! When we saw rows and rows of cotton we knew we were definately in the South! We stopped and had Memphis style BBQ. Grams wishes they handed out bibs. She got so messy! Then we went to Elvis's Graceland. We were not able to get very close to the gate, because we got there to late. After that we headed to Beale street. Kelly tried to walk down Beale Street to take photographs, but before she could go down the street, she got carded. She didn't have her license with her, so she didn't go far. We drove around awhile and came across Sun Studio. This is were Johnny Cash made his first recording. Now, we are back at the hotel and everyone is going to sleep. It's very late and we are getting up around five in the morning. More photos coming soon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss Arnold's Fourth Grade Class!!

Welcome Miss Arnold's fourth grade class!! I am so pleased that you all are going to be traveling with Grams, Nancy Karen and Kelly! This is going to be a fun trip and I am so glad you kids get to go along with us.

Even if it is just by pictures!! Karen and Kelly will be down loading picture when ever possible so you can follow us on your map that Miss Arnold has made for you on your desk. I hope each one you have a good time doing this and learn a little more about our great country!

One of the places will be the beautiful white beach!!

1 day left

Time to get the bags packed... well, for everyone else but Nancy... Nancy wanted her's all packed up yesterday!!

Make sure you check out this blog closely, because starting Friday evening, we'll start posting our trip pictures and stories here....

Monday, August 27, 2007

2 days left....

3 Days and Counting

3 days
Is this what the Smokies look like?? Whooo Hoooo !
This is beautiful!!!

This is so pretty!! I can hardly wait to see the Smokies Mountain! I have always wanted to see the Smokies!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

4 Days and Counting

4 days

When we travel through the Smokies Mountains hopefully we don't meet up this close to Mr. or Miss Bear!! Do they have Bears in the Smokies? Well, I don't want to find out!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

5 Days and counting

5 days

The days are going fast! Next Saturday we will be close to the beach!! How Fun!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Woooo hooo..

look what Karen just found for us.....

wheel chair accessible beaches in panama city florida

& then there were 6..

6 ...
Seems like we've been waiting on this trip forever.. and now there just isn't enough time to get everything done. We did get all the medicine in for Nancy, so that's great! Karen say's that she is really "slammed" at work... everyone is piling up all the work that she won't be there to do the next week. oh.. well.. I told her it would be worth it!!

Think calm, "vacation-ie" thoughts....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

7 days and counting....

7 days...
wow... one week and we'll be packing up... I can already taste all of the good food!

I'm really sure that this isn't on the recommended food list from the dr. but... I will be partaking of this. mmmm.... fried bread and powdered sugar... is there anything better?? We are all looking forward to this stop!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


8 DAYS...

I Stole this fair and sqaure from Kelly's myspace blog. This really got me excited about the vacation!

We are going on vacation soon. I am so excited and can hardly wait. Mom has never been to the beach, so my two sisters and I are taking her. We will be going to Destin, Florida. We are driving down and plan on site-seeing. There will be a night in Memphis. Beale Street, Elvis' Mansion, and BBQ here we come! Then, we are headed to a little town in between Mobile and New Orleans. We are going to spend a day checking out the French Quarter! After that, it's off to Destin for three days on the beach!
Well, that is, if the weather holds and we don't get blown away by a hurricane! I think we are looking for hurricane f and g. I think they are already named, maybe frank and Gertrude, who knows! I'm doing good to just remember my alphabet. After our relaxing beach stay, we are headed up to Gatlinburg. We are going to go on one of the scenic Smoky Mountain drives and take tons of pictures. We are also going to go up from here and visit a little town on the border of southern Indiana where all of my Mom's family came from, well all of them except the Swedes. They came over from Sweden and landed smack dab in the middle of Iowa.

Okay, I digress. We are all very excited. I think Nancy is more enamored with seeing Graceland, than with the beach. It's a toss up with Mom. She has never been to the beach, but she hasn't been to the Smokies either. Karen, has been dreaming of the beach for years and I'm really excited about all the photo opportunities. I'm sure I'll post them on myspace. Just a few more days and the adventure begins!

Happy Birthday Grams!

Thank you Karen!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9 Days and Counting........

9 days.........
Here is Tuesday morning already!! I am still working on my medicine and Nancy's!! Thinking of what we need to take and what we don't need!! I always take to much. But you know how that goes!!

Not only did Karen make this blog for me she came home one evening with two sacks of new clothes for me !! I didn't have any beach stuff at all. She got me some really snazzy looking outfits to wear, and I said " Karen, I can't wear these to the beach they would get all wet"!!
She said, "Mom this is what they are for"! For you to enjoy yourself down there"! I said," But they are to nice to wear to beach"! She said" MOM"!! I said "Oh"" Oh, Okay" So watch for pictures of Grams in her new beach wear!!
Karen and Kelly will be taking a lot of pictures and I know they will down load them on this site!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

10 days and counting.......

10 days......

Thinking today about what we need to do! Get medicine for Nancy and me refilled.
I have called the oxygen place and they will have the concentrator ready a couple of days before we leave. I am still Praising God that the place where we get Nancy's oxygen has a small portable concentrator we can use at no cost!!

We have have a small oxygen tanks that she uses if she needs them in the daytime. The concentrator will be for the nighttime. This is when she needs the concentrator to make oxygen.
Like I said yesterday this could be hard if we let it be, but I am going try to be up beat and get all my ducks in row before we leave and then we will end up having such a good time!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tracking Dean...

Here is a current picture of Dean... the hurricane on track to make landfall in Mexico by Wednesday. We are praying that it lessens in strength, stays inland and dissipates!

'"Dean Preparing to Make Landfall on Jamaica

Update 8:00pm EDT: Dean is still being maintained with maximum winds of 145 mph but his pressure is still creeping up and now at 930 mb. This weakening is likely indicative of his double eyewall structure and the influence of land as he grazes Jamaica. Dean is still expected to strengthen when he moves away from the island and is likely to reach Category 5 intensity at some point in the next two days. While Dean looks slightly less intense than before, he still is exhibiting amazing symmetry and is a powerful storm. Considering his proximity to land, I am surprised Dean has held up so well." -the

Felix & Gabrielle --- are the next names to be used-- but so far so good.... it appears that they are in hiding, as I can't find any information on them... and that's a GOOD thing!!

11 Days and Counting

11 days.......

Karen came home last night with Suitcases for Nancy and me!! This sure does make the trip seem like it is real!!!
It is a little challenging getting ready with two of us being disabled!! But I am up for this!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

12 days and counting...

12 Days.....

Wow!! Isn't this a neat new blog site!!! My daughter, Karen did this for me last night for a early Birthday gift!! She thought it would be fun to make a journal of our travels for Carrie my Missionary daughter in Guadalajara Mex. She will be able to follow our travels and see where we are every day or so........ and the rest of the family, and my friends and of course my blogging friends ,too!!

I am starting to really get excited about this trip!! Since I hurt myself I have not been able to travel much but we were able to go to Branson a few times and I love going down there!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Count down to the TRIP!

13 ...

In just a few days ... 13 to be exact! We will be leaving to go on vacation! Yeah!

We will be stopping by Memphis...

...mmmm BBQ,
and Graceland,

....yeah baby...uh huh...


and the Blues on Beale St wha .. la la la...

Then if the weather holds, we'll be heading to Gulf Coast. I'll be 69 soon and the only time I've ever seen the beach is from a car on the pacific coast highway in 1994 when I went to visit my sister Mugsy, who turned 70 back then........