Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tracking Dean...

Here is a current picture of Dean... the hurricane on track to make landfall in Mexico by Wednesday. We are praying that it lessens in strength, stays inland and dissipates!

'"Dean Preparing to Make Landfall on Jamaica

Update 8:00pm EDT: Dean is still being maintained with maximum winds of 145 mph but his pressure is still creeping up and now at 930 mb. This weakening is likely indicative of his double eyewall structure and the influence of land as he grazes Jamaica. Dean is still expected to strengthen when he moves away from the island and is likely to reach Category 5 intensity at some point in the next two days. While Dean looks slightly less intense than before, he still is exhibiting amazing symmetry and is a powerful storm. Considering his proximity to land, I am surprised Dean has held up so well." -the

Felix & Gabrielle --- are the next names to be used-- but so far so good.... it appears that they are in hiding, as I can't find any information on them... and that's a GOOD thing!!

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Denise said...

Praying for your trip to be a safe one grams.